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Unique equine supplements produced to an unbeatable standard

Used by top equestrian professionals in all disciplines

Recommended by vets, physiotherapists and farriers

All products are natural and do not contain any prohibited substances

We offer tailor made, honest advice and efficient service


Superior Supplements for Horses

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Nupafeed equine supplements are developed by German pharmaceutical company, Verla-Pharm, using their superior grade natural ingredients and innovative MAH® Vet formula.


Used in Europe for over 25 years, Nupafeed’s MAH® Magnesium Liquid Horse Calmer has firmly established itself in the UK as the choice of top equestrian professionals and vets.


Nupafeed-UK has now expanded its product range to include more unique Verla-Pharm products, offering the same high quality and reliability, which has become synonymous with the Nupafeed name. Nupafeed's Flex GLM equine joint supplement contains the "super" ingredient Green Lipped Mussel which is renowned for its unsurpassed lubrication and soothing properties. Nupafeed Staying Power supplement for horses, promotes stamina and energy, ideal for competing horses known to tire easily, and assists with muscle definition and function.


The secret behind Nupafeed products is that they have been developed on the basis of scientific findings using minerals and extracts of a pharmaceutical standard, ensuring the highest quality products for your horse or pony.

Nupafeed MAH

Staying Power

Equine magnesium calming supplement for stress related behaviour.

Supports muscle performance.

Equine performance supplement for stamina, energy and muscle growth.

Promotes energy production without a 'sugar high'.

Green Lipped Mussel joint supplement with anti-oxidants.

Provides complete care for joints and supports tendon and ligament repair.

Nupafeed products are natural, totally legal and contain no banned substances in accordance with FEI rules.

Nupafeed Staying Power Perfomance Supplement for Horses Image Nupafeed Flex GLM Equine Joint Supplement for Horses Nupafeed Dog Supplements Logo

Flex GLM

With a lifetime spent with horses and a sound background in equestrianism at the highest level, the Nupafeed UK team offer advice, support and a fast, efficient mail order service.


SeaBuckthorn natural plant extract nourishes your horse from the inside out to support gastric and digestive comfort, immunity, skin and coat.

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Welcome to the Nupafeed UK website, we are the official distributers of Nupafeed in the UK and Ireland.

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