Viv Coleman

“For the past 9 months my 16 year old pure bred Arabian has had a truly serious problem with a runny tummy. We moved house last Christmas and within 3 weeks it started, of course I blamed the move stressing him, then the spring grass, then the hayledge he was on which for some reason this year has been a lot richer. I can’t give him hay as whether soaked or steamed he will cough within a matter of days.

Within 3 to 4 months he settled so it stopped me blaming the move – I had him on gut balancers and M&S special yogurt! My vet diagnosed Colitis and put him on steroids. I checked his feed in case anything had changed and he has been on charcoal. I tried everything I could think of but it just went on and on, nothing worked.

Trying to go for a ride was a pain as I’d have to hose him off then possibly was his tail. I would just stick to rides where I’d hopefully not meet anyone as he’d have poo running down his legs, a true nightmare.

I saw an ad for Seabuckthorn and decided to give it a try and woohoo it works! He’s been on it for three weeks and has been clean – maybe it is early days but for the first time in 9 months he’s had 3 weeks with no runs. He’s also getting his mojo back which is great as he’s been so lethargic, so out of character.

I will recommend anyone who’s having a similar problem trying Seabuckthorn, it certainly has helped my boy. I will continue to use it and hopefully next year will be able to get back to showing my boy again as we’ve missed the whole of this season.

The people I spoke to at Nupafeed have been really helpful and are happy to chat about their product, they couldn’t have been nicer so many thanks to them.”


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