Laura Fisher and PK

“I just wanted to message you to thank you for providing such an amazing product. It is the only product on the market that has ANY sort of effect on one of my horses.

PK is schooling at elementary level and just starting medium work at home, schooling beautifully, and also warms up beautifully at a competition. However, as soon as I enter the area at a competition he loses his head.

I’ve tried every calmer on the market to try and help his anxiety when entering the ring, but nothing seemed to work. I even tried to “bore” him into it… that didn’t work either!!

I had almost reached the point where I was going to sell him as I couldn’t think of any other way of getting beyond this point.

I was browsing through different websites and came across your Nupafeed shots on the Horse Health website… this was my last attempt before giving up on him!!

Nupafeed is AMAZING, not only did he go and win both his classes but very convincingly won by 4% on 73.75% (usually we score low 60’s on a good day!!).

We thought it may have been a fluke so I tried it again the following weekend (last weekend), and he only went and won again with another convincing win (almost 4% again!) on 73.2%.

He has now qualified for the Winter Regionals at novice level (in just two outings) which is a huge achievement as I’ve never managed to qualify him before, which means I’ll now have three boys at the regionals

Thank you for providing such an amazing product, and I hope we can continue our winning streak at the regionals (I wish…!).

Many thanks, Laura and PK”


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