Liquid Supplement Measures

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Product features

  • Pump – 25ml or 30ml
  • Oral Syringe – 60ml
  • Measuring Cap – 60ml
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Our pumps fit any of our 3ltr or 5ltr bottles.

We supply both 25ml and 30ml pumps. Generally the 25ml pump is more convenient for measuring MAH or Staying Power and the 30ml pumps are better for BSC SeaBuckthorn or BSC Gastro.

The pumps are designed to unscrew so that they can be taken apart and cleaned. Please ensure that you tighten the components of the pump regularly so that they do not loosen and come apart.

Oral Dosing Syringe

Ideal for the measuring and administration of any liquid.

Measures up to 60ml.

Plastic Measure

Measures up to 60ml.