nupafeed flex glm joint supplement for horses

Nupafeed Flex GLM

Joint Supplement for Horses

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Product features

  • Unique joint supplement with unrivalled levels of Green Lipped Mussel
  • Sustains freedom of movement
  • Supports hard working, ageing or injured joints. Also suitable for youngstock.
  • Palletised to help protect the delicate Mussel extract and to ensure even delivery of trace nutrients
  • Made with grass meal and carrot for palatability
  • LGC Screened and suitable for competition under all rules including FEI and BHA
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Nupafeed Flex GLM Frequently Asked Questions  Green Lipped Mussel for Horses 

Flex GLM is an innovative Green Lipped Mussel joint supplement for horses. 

Horse’s joints are continually subject to wear and tear. This will become a problem for all horses as they age, but can also be accelerated by hard work, injury or poor conformation.

Equine joint supplements provide crucial nutritional support to help maintain your horse’s joints. Flex GLM goes beyond basic joint nutrition. The main component is the ‘miracle’ ingredient, Green Lipped Mussel (Parna Canaliculus), which provides exceptional support for joints.

The reason Green Lipped Mussel is so special is because of two highly active and unique compounds. The first is a form of Omega-3 called ETA, the second a form of phosphorylated glycogen. These compounds are uniquely active in supporting the body’s anti-inflammatory process, which is fundamental to maintaining healthy joints.

Green Lipped Mussel also contains high levels of the Omega-3s DHA and EPA. These are the forms of Omega-3 also found in fish oils, which are well established as effective joint supplements, and far more potent than the plant form of Omega-3, ALA.

Green Lipped Mussel is also a great source of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). These are glucosamine based compounds, predominantly chondroitin sulphate, which form the vital building blocks of joint cartilage. GAGs help to cushion and lubricate joint surfaces.

We use the highest quality, stabilised and freeze dried Green Lipped Mussel. Nupafeed Flex GLM contains far more of this special extract than any other joint supplement for horses, and more of the crucial Omega-3.

Another process of joint wear is oxidative stress. Flex GLM contains the favoured anti-oxidants Vitamin E and Selenium, in quantities effective for horses; more than you will find in most other joint supplements.

Finally we include a small amount of MAH® magnesium. Magnesium is essential for proper utilisation of calcium and is important for both juvenile and aging joints. It contributes to bone strength and helps to prevent calcium from pooling in soft tissue, a characteristic of aging joints.

Flex GLM is made in the form of small pellets to ensure even distribution of nutrients throughout the tub, and to allow the inclusion of grass meal and carrot for palatability.   

Flex GLM takes an uncompromising approach to joint care to help keep your horse free moving and performing at its best. Flex GLM is suitable for any horse or pony in need of joint support. 

Boyd Exell

“After using Nupafeed MAH calmer with much success, I began to use Flex GLM for Bill, our oldest team horse who we sadly said goodbye to last year. Bill was competing at international level right up until his retirement at age 22yrs and our vet always remarked on how free moving he remained despite the work he was doing. I have no doubt that Flex GLM contributed greatly to this. I now use Flex GLM on my older team horses and they no longer pull out stiff after hard work.

The team at the moment are also fed BSC SeaBuckthorn which helps safeguard them against the disruption and stress that comes with their busy competition schedule. A couple of the horses have especially benefited from having SeaBuckthorn, they look better in themselves and are not effected by back to back travel as they have been before”

- Boyd Exell, FEI World Champion

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Jo Bates

“I started using Flex GLM with Gallifrey SWS three months ago. It has definitely made a huge difference to his joints and has enhanced his lovely freedom of action. Flex GLM will certainly be a permanent addition to the feed room!”

- Jo Bates, Professional Producer

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Liz Halliday

“When I first moved all of my horses onto Nupafeed Green Lipped Mussel, I wasn’t sure if I would notice a difference from the many different joint supplements that I had tried before.  However, since then I have noticed a real change in my horses. They are all moving better and have a new spring in their step and after years of trying different things I have finally found a product that I feel I can stick with! “

- Liz Halliday, International Eventer

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Mia Palles-Clark

“At 18 years young Nessa (Oroness) is jumping as well as she ever has (and that means extremely well). This is our 11th season together, she’s a grade A that has been produced through the grades and has jumped up to national grand prix level. Ness is a specialist in whatever you ask her to do, this season already she’s won a 6 bar competition, jumped the small derby at Hickstead and been placed in several 1.30m classes at national and county shows on grass and on a surface. She’s been on Nupafeed flex GLM for the last 3 years. It’s fundamental to her health and the fantastic ability she has and continues to be able to show especially as she matures. The flex is one part of her daily routine that I would not change and have felt a marked difference in her ever since we have used it, I highly recommend it to anyone (and everyone!)”

- Mia Palles-Clark, BS UKCC Level 3 Coach

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