Whether you’re sticking to training or getting straight out there, we’re here to help you make the most of this short competition season.

Produced to an uncompromising standard, trusted by professionals and recommended by vets, Nupafeed supplements have a solution for you.

Our friendly team are on hand with experienced, honest advice to help you navigate the supplement minefield.

Horses that need help settling…

Our renowned MAH® Horse Calmer supports against stress at its cause, without the use of drowsy additives.

Suitable for all stress-related behaviours including sharp, tense, nervous or spooky horses, aggression, travelling, competition, moving yards etc.

MAH® Concentrated Syringes are the perfect on-the-day calmer whether you are "just getting round", striving for perfection or being cautious with a new or young horse.

MAH® Liquid is available for horses that also need a helping hand at home.

Horses that run out of steam…

Nupafeed Staying Power supports more efficient energy metabolism and recovery. Our patented formula is suitable for all horses and ponies including good doers and those needing to avoid grains.

Staying Power Concentrated Syringes are the handy on-the-day energy boost for competition.

Staying Power Liquid is also effective for short term needs but it best fed every day to support muscular adaptation to exercise (helping your horse to become stronger and fitter).

For sensitive tummies…

Travelling and competition are major risk factors for horses prone to gastric and digestive discomfort.

BSC-Gastro is a unique, highly concentrated supplement that supports gastric healing, stimulates the natural protective coating and also aids hindgut digestion and stability. All in one highly palatable, liquid formula.

Joint and muscle recovery…

The unique, long-chain Omega-3 provided by Green Lipped Mussel gives the very best support against inflammation. Flex GLM uses the highest quality Green Lipped Mussel, combined with anti-oxidant Vit E and Selenium for complete joint and muscle recovery.

In need of some honest, friendly advice?

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please get in touch.


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