Seabuckthorn Customer Reviews

Matt Hicks SB

Matt Hicks

'''Talent III' was imported from the continent where limited grass effected his digestion. Loose stalls, colic and ulcers were a constant problem for him and effected his performance. Since being on Horsesource Seabuckthorn his digestion and wellbeing has improved dramatically, he is now able to consistantly train and compete at his best.''

Anny Bachrach Showtime B (3)

Anny Bachrach

“Thank you so much for your reply and support! In all the years, I have never come across a company that actually cares!! I could write a book about this horse’s nutritional dilemmas but she has come to life since starting Seabuckthorn and Flex GLM. Showtime’s feed intolerance problems and ulcers have been holding her back for nearly 2 years. Despite her very low mileage she has been very successful and after just two weeks on these supplements scored 90.80 % in the Young Horse 6yr Old qualifier (Merrist Wood 2013). I feel these products are the answer to helping her get on track and en route hopefully to Grand Prix competition. Huge difference in her already!”

Sue Donnelly, British Racing School Newmarket

"Some of our horses were looking very poor, in their coats and their attitude; they are mostly older horses and have had a long, cold winter of hard work (albeit steady work). Our administration of the HorseSource Seabuckthorn was complementary but those horses (3) that had the supplement have shown an almost immediate improvement in their energy and coats.”

Trialled by Mary Denton at Central Horse News

I was concerned that my veteran horse wasn’t looking as good as usual. Nupafeed suggested I try their new HorseSource 100% Sea Buckthorn supplement. The Seabuckthorn is very palatable and my horse loves it. The supplement quickly had a positive effect. Within 10 days my horse’s coat begun to look much better and he went from feeling lazy and lethargic in his work to bouncy and forward going! After three weeks his condition has improved and he is beginning to ‘bloom’. I think the Seabuckthorn has really helped him and would highly recommend it. Rating 5/5.

Shiny Panda Boy and Yolanda

Yolanda Delport and Panda

“Massive improvement in condition and skin health since using HorseSource Seabuckthorn – just look at the shine! I really could not be happier!”

Katrin Jahn sml

Katrin Jahn, Dubai

"Since my sister and I have been using HorseSource Seabuckthorn both our horses have improved in condition and are performing so much better than before. We didn't realise the talent our horses actually had and are now looking forward to a really exciting new competition season in the UAE. HorseSource Seabuckthorn has really helped our horses reach their true potential and we are absolutely delighted at the improvement - especially in this very testing climate! Would recommend HorseSource to everyone. Thank you! "

Shirely Sweet sml

Shirley Sweet

“Just want to say a big thank you to Nupafeed and Sebuckthorn for getting my handsome boy back to work again! After a long winter of off and on work and lots of disappointment with a hip/back issue, I was advised to try Nupafeed Flex GLM joint supplement and I was amazed how quickly he started to improve in his ability to work without the tense feeling in his back. I have since added Seabuckthorn to his feed and the improvement in his general wellbeing and in his work is amazing. He is bright and alert and is actually concentrating without the naughty evasive tricks he usually tries. So once again, many thanks!!”

Catherine Parkin-Coates

“Would just like to say how HorseSource Seabuckthorn and their natural low sugar, high fibre feed has been the best my horse has ever been on. She is a completely different horse - just shows you what those other sugar dosed muesli feeds do to your horse. She's so calm and behaves impeccably now she’s been on her daily dose of Seabuckhorn! Her coat is not dull anymore and it’s getting a really nice shine to it. Massive thank you to my sister for telling me about the feed and HorseSource's fantastic help and advice to put Sammie on the correct products that would suit her. Would recommend this product to anyone – please give this a try!”